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As a counselor, I am impressed by the fact that your learning center produces more merit scholars each year than many schools. It is very comforting to know that when I send a student or parent to you, there is a high probability
of success.

-A Delray Beach Counselor
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One-to-One Tutoring


Exclusive workshops for added instruction
in key areas

Enhancements to the One-to-One tutoring experience

test tough

Learn new skills and pacing the real way.
We simulate the test-taking experience with full-length practices, proctored by experienced professionals. As a critical component of test readiness, TestTough gives both teacher and student a comprehensive look at strengths and weaknesses.

Our jam-packed yet systematic full-day seminar provides proven preparation for this first important college testing experience.

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test write

We help students understand how to analyze the writing assignment, organize thoughts and use time wisely.  Students play both roles – “writer” and “reader.”  The result: well-organized writing that makes a positive impression.

schnabel workshop
PSAT/SAT/ACT Intensity

Timed perfectly! Skills and strategy review for test week. These interactive sessions are carefully structured and supportively presented to help students gain and maintain focus when it is most important.

AP Intensity

An interactive forum that enhances the curriculum covered in various AP courses. Helps students bridge the gap between classroom learning and the test experience.

For English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Human Geography, U.S. History, European History, World History, and Psychology