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We went to two different tutoring centers before yours with no increase in scores. How is it possible that you could reverse the course and help my daughter succeed in such a short period of time? I'm bringing my son to you next year and my last daughter the year after that. Don't ever stop teaching. We need you!

-A Boca Raton parent
college success

Dear Parent,

We know. 

The College Stressors are beginning to show up – perhaps even starting to pile up.

We want to encourage you to breathe deeply and relax.  We’ve been helping college-bound students like your child get better grades and higher test scores for over 25 years.  So we are certainly ready for you.  Please note that we said “you.”  Of course, we will welcome your student to the Schnabel family – but we need your help.

When you nurture college-bound students for as long as we have, you learn that the relationship must be:

Schnabel Learning – Your Student – You


We ask you to take on a comfortable role as communicator and source of support:

Preparing for college is an investment for you, and we want your student – and you – to derive maximum benefit.

We look forward to two exciting beginnings: your student’s first day at Schnabel Learning and then that first incredible day at a terrific college!

Tom Schnabel