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What Exactly IS "College" Anyway?

You're probably getting pre-college advice from all over the place, right?

Your parents, your teachers, your counselors - they all have important advice for you. So do we. In fact, we want to help you to deal effectively with all their advice. You might say, to help you sort it all out.

College readiness involves much more than academic growth. To become completely ready for the future, students must also concentrate on personal development. College planning for today's student requires guidance from parents, teachers, counselors, and educators.

students at schnabel
It's great to be able to come to one place where I can actually talk to the tutors, feel relaxed, set goals that are right for me, and plan for college entrance from A to Z - not just the test part of it.

-A Boca Raton Student

We want to help you envision future opportunities, and then help you discuss your considered choices with your parents and teachers. Beyond that, we'll help prepare you for the personal and intellectual demands of college. We do this in three steps:

Get Ready - Beginning with Early College Awareness programs
Get Set - Exploring colleges, majors and occupations through Search & Discovery
Go - Gaining skills necessary for College Transition success

Through research and interactive learning, you'll learn some important things about an important person: you. You'll discover a vast array of educational and career options. It will be a real springboard for your future. Promise.

8th and 9th grade: Early College Awareness - Who Am I and How Do I Learn?
10th and 11th grade: Early College Awareness - Where Am I Going?
12th grade: College Transition - How Do I Get There and What Can I Expect?