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You have questions.
We’ve got answers.

So, let’s get started. 
As it says next to our company symbol…

I’m stressed big time.  And you expect me to do more???

Our whole program is designed to help you deal with your stress.  As a result, you may find that your time at Schnabel Learning is the most relaxing part of your academic schedule.

Isn’t this going to be a lot of work?

Look at it like an investment: a lot of work now, a lot of benefit first on some very important tests and then a whole lot more for years and years to come.  This is about test scores that lead to college opportunities that lead to futures.  Now don’t get all stressed all over again about that last sentence, but this is indeed a really important time for you.  We want to make it as productive as possible.

Since I do well in school, I thought tutoring was just for kids who struggled. I have to admit that I was wrong. No matter what your academic level is, Schnabel Learning can help you achieve even more than you thought you could. Even straight "A" students can benefit from their expertise.

-A Weston Student

And homework too?

Yes, but we are confident you’ll manage.  It’s a lot like a sport, where you don’t just show up on game day.  You practice in between games, so that the skills become part of you. 

Will it really work?

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve helped students achieve some very impressive results. Each student approaches these challenges a bit differently, and it is our job to first encourage you to apply yourself to the max.  Next we help you channel that energy for best results.

OK, but how am I supposed to fit this in with everything else?

When you enroll, we’ll work out a personal schedule for you.  Then it’s up to you and your parents to put this in an important place along with your other responsibilities.  We try to make this as convenient as we can for you, and then we need you to meet us halfway.  Years from now, you’ll be glad you saw the importance of this vitally important preparation.  Dare we use the ‘t’ word?  Trust us.

OK, but we started talking about stress.  How can you help me
if I always get stressed about standardized tests?

First, you need to accept that standardized tests are not going to go away.  Second, you need to remember that all your friends are taking them, too.  At Schnabel Learning, we get you comfortable with testing formats, then help create your own specific strategy for the day of the test.  We build your reading, writing, and thinking skills, share some very effective tips and strategies, and have you practice with actual exams. We can’t get rid of how you feel, but we can lower your stress level so you feel much more in control.